What services is Prosentient Systems providing?

Prosentient Systems has been providing content management and dynamic web site design services for over 6 years.  The original Gratisnet website was designed by Prosentient Systems Pty Ltd for the Gratis community.  From September 2002 Prosentient Systems has been responsible for the site hosting of GratisNet and GLASS (the GLINN group of Government Libraries).

What is the new URL for Gratisnet?

To log in to the service the new URL is: http://www.gratisnet.org.au/intranet/

What is the new URL for GLASS?

The new URL for GLASS members is http://www.glassdd.org/intranet

I can't Log in

(1) Make sure you are using the correct URL:  http://www.gratisnet.org.au/intranet

(2) If you still cant get in -

On your IE browser could you try the following change:


Under HTTP 1.1 Settings checkbox *both*

Use Http 1.1                            x

Use Http 1.1 through proxy   x

(3) If you are not sure about your password, try the "remind me" option again - it shoud email your password.

(4) Are cookies turned off on your browser?  If so, you won't be able to log in.

(5) If you have an older proxy/firewall in your office, it may not recognised current HTTP protocols, and will not therefore recognise the www.gratisnet.org.au or www.glassdd.org domains.  Try logging in at:


(6) If you still can't get in - email support@intersearch.com.au for support.


What new funtions are available on the site?

Several new features are immediately available to members:

Further enhancements are planned for implementation over the third quarter of 2002.

What is the purpose of List Servce?

The Gratis community has four very active discussion lists:

ILL Help (illhelp@listserve.prosentient.com.au)   
Library Info (
Duplicates (
General Discussion (

You can join these lists just by specifying an email address in your library entry. The following is a brief outline on changing your list-serve email address:

  1.  Log on to Gratisnet
  2.  Click on the Search button
  3.  Type in your NUCOS and click the DIRECTORY button
  4.  Your library should appear in the list.  Click on the Edit button to the
     right-hand side of the library list.
  5.  Your library details will be displayed.  Three emails should be shown:
  6.   your ILL email
      your List-Serve email (which can be different)
      your accounts email
  7.  You can change these (plus other relevant details for your library)
      and click SAVE.

Only registered list serve participants can set emails to the list.  You must use exactly the email address you specified above to send emails to the list.

Have a look at http://instruction.elgin.cc.il.us/classes/webbord/ for an online tutorial and http://www.uic.edu/depts/accc/itl/webboard/uguide/usrguide.pdf for an online user manual for other sites.  Webboard also has built-in help.  Note particularly the informaiton on participating through email.  You can subscribe to receive emails or operate entirely online.  I have posted the guidelines on operating through email at http://www.gratisnet.org.au/listemail.asp

What is the annual subscription rate?

The subscription fee for 2003 is $120 including GST.  Your subscription is annually renewable on 1st October.